Who should wear Jurtin Medical System Insoles?

From our point of view, all people who have problems with their feet or experience pain in the entire musculoskeletal system should consider wearing an insole.  

A malalignment of the foot and consequently excess weight load can cause complaints such as flat valgus foot, ganglion (hallux valgus), metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), heel spur, Achilles tendon problems and many other clinical pictures. Wearing a Jurtin medical© system insole can demonstrably provide relief here.

By means of an ascending chain of action, Jurtin insoles can also alleviate complaints in the knees, hips & spine, shoulders and neck.

In addition to acute complaints, Jurtin medical® system insoles are also highly recommended in the prophylactic area for static and dynamic stress (e.g. standing work and sports).

We advise a clarification by the doctor and a personal discussion with your Jurtin technician about the possibilities of a successful fitting!

Remember that the triad of doctor, therapist and orthopedic technician is the most effective prevention.

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