Whether you’re out for your morning walk, at work or running your daily errands. When your feet cause problems, everything becomes a challenge. That’s why it is especially important to have an insole that suits all your needs.

Jurtin insoles are especially comfortable because they are adjusted directly to the natural position of the foot and give the foot the right support in every situation. The type of shoe in which the insole is worn is essential! The worse the foot position is, the more stable the shoe must be.

The sole should be torsionally stiff and rather firm, the heel cap stable and a lace-up shoe is preferable.

The adapted shell keeps the heel in the right position and distributes the pressure on the foot evenly. This is the only way to relieve pressure points and properly load the joints.

When the heel is in a perpendicular position, our step is safe and we feel upright. Make an appointment as soon as possible and feel it yourself!