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Conventional orthopedic insoles are made by means of foam or computer impression.  An impression of the foot is made in full weight bearing stance, which depicts the misalignment of the foot. This gives you an impression of the misalignment, but not a mold to set it right.

We 'handle' your foot

Unlike insoles created under load, we take the relaxed foot as a benchmark. The trained Jurtin technician takes the foot in his/her hand and places the heel in the correct and original position. Then the insole is adjusted directly on the corrected foot using vacuum technology. The heel is straightened and erected. It cannot tilt outward or inward, thus providing the entire body with an upright and stable posture. The insole is then finished in the workshop and after the appointment you can go home directly with the finished insoles in your shoe.

Immediate Well-Being at every Turn

The goal is to enable the feet to roll normally and actively again. The body’s posture is stabilized and muscles are activated. This is because even the slightest misalignment of the heel has an effect on the entire statics of the body in full weight bearing stance. The positive effects are manifold: 

e.g. ganglions can be avoided, knee, hip or back pain can subside. Joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments are less stressed. A physiological pelvic obliquity can be statically compensated. Jurtin medical® system insoles thus start where the problem begins, as is known at the heel.

Jurtin shoe insoles can provide special relief, especially in the case of flat feet, heel spurs, ganglions (hallux valgus) and metatarsalgia.


Jurtin medical® System Insoles – Shoe Insoles that Work.