Our Feet are a Masterpiece

The foot, with its ingenious and complex construction, consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and more than 100 ligaments. When we walk, stand or run, all of these ‘cog wheels’, no matter how small, interlock. The field of anatomy is by no means sufficient for explaining how to walk properly and correctly. Not only the bones of the skeleton can be identified as primarily responsible for walking, it is first and foremost the muscles, tendons and ligaments that in indispensable interaction keep the foot in its correct position.

The Jurtin principle takes up the knowledge of both anatomy and biomechanics of the foot and implements it to a completely new type of insole technology. More than 20 years of development work and the willingness to constantly search for further optimizations are important factors for the proven success (see opinions) of this method. In addition to the knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, our insole technique also incorporates essential principles of spiral dynamics.  The `Jurtin Technique´, specially developed by Willy Jurtin, is based on these findings and implements them with Jurtin medical® shoe insoles for the successful treatment of foot problems.

Feet are the basic element for us to stand and walk upright. If we stand statically incorrect on the ground, the straightening is incorrect and influences the whole musculoskeletal system up to the lower jaw.

Jurtin medical® System Insoles, at last, shoe insoles that work!

Willy Jurtin – inventor of the insole of the same name

  • Misalignments of the lower jaw, headaches
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Functional pelvic obliquity, shortening of the legs
  • Misalignment of the knee axis, incorrect weight bearing on the menisci, knee pain
  • Forefoot pain, hallux valgus, heel spur, hammer toe, bent and flat feet
  • Are adjusted by hand on the foot without weight bearing stance 
  • Individual solutions
  • Fit into any comfortable shoe and cause no sensation of pressure
  • Can be taken home and used immediately after custom-made production Recommended by doctors and therapists

Get to know your feet better and order the currently published book now: “Der Fuß im Kreuzverhör – Wege zu seiner Genesung” by Willy Jurtin & co-author Dr. Alexander Sikorski.

This book is aimed at all people who are concerned with the foot or driven by pain. It highlights the similarities in foot therapy that exist today as well as differences and misconceptions, that are still prevalent today, about how the foot actually works.

Willy Jurtin continuously developed his JURTIN insole system over many years. Today it offers a wide range of possibilities to help people with foot pain without surgery. It is widely accepted in Europe.

Dr. Alexander Sikorski (✝) was well-known in the field of foot surgery as a surgeon, teacher and developer in many countries around the world. The JURTIN principle has had an indispensable place in the therapy of the foot.

The book is available from us via mail or from our local Jurtin partners.

Here you can find out for whom and which areas insoles are recommended.