Your Companion for Every Occasion

Whether for sports, leisure, business or existing problems, our attractive product range offers a individual, comfortable and suitable solution for every occasion.

The Jurtin medical® system insoles are your faithful companion, supporter, driver and helper in many life situations.

Issues such as technical capabilities, functionality, sustainability, origin & manufacturing conditions and general values in dealing with people are essential factors that determine a product or company – in addition to proven quality and effectiveness.

This value landscape is also extremely important to us and we are happy to provide many other positive motives that speak for our service.

Jurtin medical® System Insoles – Comfortable Top Performance

Our system insoles have many technical and comfort advantages, which support your well-being.

• Supports the recovery of the longitudinal arch

• Optimal heel cushioning

• The rigid form ensures a perfectly propped up heel

• Individual thermal adjustment

• Comfortable & thin

• Facilitates best possible pressure relief

• Comfortable toe freedom

• Skin-friendly with high moisture absorption


Jurtin medical® System Insoles – Your Personal Quality Product

  • Individual solutions made by hand
  • Stabilize the entire musculoskeletal system
  • Activate muscles  and promote performance
  • Personal service for your immediate well-being
  • State-of-the-art philosophy of insole care
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Use of high-quality skin friendly materials
  • High quality thermal plastics
  • Raw materials exclusively from Europe
  • Made in Austria