Jurtin medical system insoles are fitted to the unloaded foot under vacuum. The heel is straightened and the foot is brought into its natural position!

Yes, you need an appointment. The appointment lasts about 1 hour, during which the insoles are fitted directly to the foot. The insoles are then ready to take away.
For the appointment you need shoes that you use most often.

In principle, the insoles can be changed. It is no problem to change them in shoes that are similar in type. Since every shoe has a different fit, it is advisable to get appropriate advice in advance to see if this really works.

Permanent or recurring foot pain and discomfort after exertion such as walking or sports are clear signs of the need for insoles. However, indirect pain such as knee, hip, back, head or jaw pain can also be caused by foot malposition. When foot malalignment or other pain is detected, it is advisable to start wearing insoles as early as possible.

The bottom part is made of thermoplastic (PP), the top part is made of EVA with microfiber cover and forefoot reinforcement.

100% in Austria, in addition, the individual components are packaged by the company FAB, thus enabling long-term unemployed for people with health problems to reintegrate into the labor market!

From 33- 52 (from size 48, please specify when making the appointment, as the oversizes are not available in all stores).

Since the pricing of Jurtin insoles depends on a number of individual factors, we cannot