Our feet are a masterpiece

The foot and its ingenious, complex construction includes 26 bones, 33 joints, 20 muscles and more than 100 ligaments. Whenever we walk, stand or run, everyone one of these little “cogs” interlocks. Anatomy is wholly insufficient to explain correct and proper walking. It’s not just the skeleton’s bones that can be identified as the key players when walking, as it’s primarily the muscles, tendons and ligaments that hold the foot in its correct position with their indispensable interaction.

The Jurtin principle picks up on both knowledge from anatomy and the foot’s biomechanics and implements this in a totally new kind of insole technology. More than 20 years of development work and the determination to constantly look for more improvements are important factors in the proven success (see opinions) of this method. Besides the knowledge to do with anatomy and biomechanics, our insole technology also picks up on the important principles of Spiraldynamik®.  The specially developed “Jurtin Technique” developed by Willy Jurtin  is based on these findings and uses them to successfully treat foot problems with Jurtin medical® insoles.

Feet are the basic elementfor us to stand upright and walk. If we are standing statically incorrectly on the floor our alignment is wrong and this influences the whole locomotor system right up to the lower jaw.


Jurtin medical® system insoles, at last, insoles that work!



Willy Jurtin – inventor of the insole of the same name

"Raus aus der Fuss Schmerz Falle” (Get out of the foot pain trap)

Get to know your feet better and order the "Raus aus der Fuss Schmerz Falle” book by Willy Jurtin, the inventor of the Jurtin medical® system insoles. You can read interesting facts about feet, their possible misalignments and effects and the appropriate preventive therapies.

The book is available from us by email or from our Jurtin partners.

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