Jurtin – more than just insoles!  

Perfect for any occasion

Whether it’s for sport, leisure, business or existing problems, our attractive product ranges offers a personalised, comfortable and suitable solution for any occasion.

The Jurtin medical® system insoles are your loyal companions, supporters, boosters and helpers in many different situations.

Issues such as technical skills, functionality, sustainability, origin & production conditions and general values in dealing with people are important deciding factors besides proven quality and efficiency today when choosing a product or company.

These values are also extremely important to us and we are happy to provide many more positive reasons that speak for our service here.

Jurtin medical® system insoles – your personal quality product

  • Individual custom solutions made by hand
  • Stabilises the whole locomotor system
  • Activates muscles Boosts performance
  • Personal service for your instant well-being
  • The latest philosophy on custom insoles
  • Recommended by doctors and therapists
  • Use of high-quality skin-friendly materials
  • High-quality thermal plastics
  • Raw materials exclusively from Europe
  • Produced in Austria



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