Feet have been proven to influence our health


We all take between 8,000 and 12,000 steps a day and despite this we often treat our feet very badly. We only pay them the attention they deserve  when they cause us problems and we notice aches and pains. Complaints can arise due to insufficient or incorrect movement and the wearing of unsuitable footwear.


The aim of the Jurtin medical® system insole is to help the whole body. It stabilises and supports the foot in its naturally coordinated movement. The needs and wishes of our customers are central. Based on this, we produce the perfectly fitted and supportive insole. Your feet and general well-being will thank you for it.



A small cause with a big effect

The latest findings have shown that foot problems and the intensifying chain reaction of results they produce are caused by a misalignment of the heel bone. This misalignment of the heel and ankle puts our whole body’s posture out of balance.  This can result in pain in the feet and knees, hips or spine, and from the shoulders to the neck.


Not all insoles are the same

Standard insoles that are produced using foam impressions, blueprints or computer measuring systems cannot correct this misalignment. Why not? Weight is placed on the foot to fit the insoles, so you end up with impressions of, for example flat feet, but not a mould to correct the feet in order to restore them to their normal state. The Jurtin medical® system insoles are totally different. The insoles are modelled on the foot without any weight on it.


The Jurtin medical® system insole realigns your heel, allowing upright posture and thus putting your body back on the right track.

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