JURTIN GYM - massage training gymnastik - fitness for your feet


Besides wearing insoles and the right shoes, foot gymnastics is one of the most effective measures for preventive foot health care and also serves as therapy for a whole range of foot problems. Regular foot gymnastics maintains and strengthens the stabilising muscles and therefore has a positive effect on the whole body. Combined with supportive insoles, consistent training can alleviate complaints and improve health in the long term. 


The following exercises were developed in collaboration with Marie-Theres Holzinger (physiotherapist & lecturer for Spiraldynamik ®) .



Jurtin Fuß Fit Set
Jurtin set "fitness for your feet"

ALIGNMENT Exercise 01

Consciously stand on your two feet and alternately move both knees outwards and inwards. Watch how your feet move with them. Now bring your knees to the centre so that your ankle, knee and hip are in a vertical line. Your leg axis is now straight. The foot’s longitudinal arch should be aligned.





BALANCE Exercise 02

Stand on one leg on the curved side of the half-round piece of wood and adjust your leg axis to be straight, as described in the first exercise. You can hold onto something if you like. Then try to balance on one leg for 10 seconds without holding on. Keep your eyes open or once you are more experienced close them. Then repeat on the other leg. 

Turn the half-round piece of wood over and try the whole thing again, but a bit more wobbly this time. Be patient, it might take you two weeks to manage this!



Übung 2

RELAXATION Exercise 03 (sitting down)

Roll your foot over the round piece of wood. The pressure should be just enough to feel pleasant. The whole of the sole of the foot should be massaged. Spend a bit longer on the areas where it feels really good.

Gently climb onto the golf ball with one foot and slowly increase your body weight until you feel pleasant slight pain. Remain in this position and take a few breaths until you notice that the pain is subsiding. Work the whole of the sole of your foot in this way.



Übung 3

TRAINING Exercise 04 (sitting down)

Rest the heel relaxed on the golf ball and your forefoot on the round piece of wood. Pull the round piece of wood towards the golf ball using your toes like a caterpillar and then push it away again keeping your toes straight.



Übung 4

TRAINING Exercise 05 (sitting down)

Rest the heel on the round piece of wood and the forefoot on the golf ball. Now try to grip round the ball with your toes and move them as if you want to lift it up. Keep your toes straight.



Übung 5

TRAINING Exercise 06 (sitting down)

Rest the forefoot relaxed on the floor and the heel on the round piece of wood. Leave the ball of the big toe flat on the floor while you raise the inside of the heel thus extending the outer side (outer ankle to heel).

Übung 6