Who should use Jurtin medical® insoles?

In our opinion, anyone who has problems with their feet or feel pain in their whole locomotor system should consider insoles.  

Due to the foot’s misalignment and consequently incorrect pressure, problems may develop, such as ganglion (hallux valgus), metatarsalgia (forefoot pain), heel spur, Achilles’ tendon problems, as well as many other symptoms. The Jurtin medical© system insole is proven to be able to provide relief.

Problems due to an intensifying chain reaction of results can also be alleviated with custom insoles based on the Jurtin method, for example complaints in the knees, hips & spine, shoulders and neck .

Besides acute problems, Jurtin medical® insoles are also highly recommended as a preventive approach for static and dynamic stress (e.g. a standing job and sport).

We recommend consulting a doctor and personally talking to your Jurtin orthotic technician about the possibilities for successful treatment!

Remember that the trio of a doctor, therapist and orthopaedic technology is the most effective prevention.



We support you…

With pain

Whether you have problems with flat valgus foot, hallux valgus, heel spur, general pains in the forefoot, knees or back,we have a comfortable solution for you for the demands of daily life!

For sport

For everyday life & leisure

Our insoles will make your day relaxed, whether you are wearing slip-ons, sneakers or fashionable casual shoes. We offer many individual designs to accompany you at every step in your day-to-day life.




In business

Therapeutic and relieving at the same time – our business insoles will support you in your work routine. They will make complaints like sore and aching feet a thing of the past.




For children & youngsters